Marketing on Mobile Cell Phones – It is Not What You Think!

Marketing on Mobile cell phones, It is Not what you think!

Internet marketing is a tough business, especially for the small guy. Trying to compete with Multi-National Companies and super affiliates is time consuming and can be very expensive.

PPC or pay per click Advertising has been a great way to get traffic to your site in a very short time. With the right offer and landing pages you can make a great income using AdWords and other PPC services.

BUT this is getting expensive as many people are now using the power of AdWords and PPC. The secret is out, the clicks are expensive and the competition is high.

Recently I have switched my focus away from the standard PPC Networks and have started to successfully promote myself and my products using Mobile Cell Phones.

I know what your thinking, NO you will not send any SMS or text Messages. It is expensive and USELESS!

Let me say this again marketing on Mobile cell phones does NOT require you to send any SMS text messages.

In Fact the mobile phone marketing system is very similar, yet very different, to AdWords or any other PPC program.

You pay for responses to your advertisement (clicks). As with Normal PPC advertising you need to look at the quality of your landing pages and content to make sure you maintain conversion rates.

Marketing on Mobile Cell phones is very different from what you are used to. In fact you can lose many hundreds of dollars overnight if you are not careful.

As with any new advertising medium, marketing to mobile cell phones has its challenges and its rewards. I have had to change the way I market in order to get the most from the Mobile cell phone industry.

Gone are the Landing Pages, Email address collection and so forth. I now use a completely new set of tools and tricks to build my business.

The returns are better than they have ever been and the Marketing budget is at it lowest.

If you are looking to put more money in your pocket then start advertising on mobile cell phones. To not take action is say goodbye to extra profits.

Justin Cleghorn


Justin is also better KNOWN AS One Dumb Aussie. I have been Using Mobile cell Phones to build my business and increase my profits from home. YOU Must learn the secrets of Mobile cell phone marketing before you invest your money. it is very different to the Usual marketing styles. You can easily lose your money and make no sales if your not

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